Knitting Balrog


Posted on: August 6, 2009

it’s not just the blog that has to be fed.  I’ve been doing the bulk of all the cooking lately.  I like to experiment but only with easy things.  Coming home at 6 and having to have supper on the table by 7 (with 0 planning cuz that’s not how we roll in this family usually) means I cheat. Today for example.  Stuffed peppers. Easy Peasy Jinxsa Style. Left over rice, grated carrot, finely chopped mushroom and some cooked meat, I usually use ground chicken or  pork.  Mix with tomato sauce. Remind me come winter to share my slow cooker spagetti sauce, it freezes great.

Take 2 peppers and cut in half top to bottom.  De-seed and trim. Stuff. Set in casserole dish with water cook on 350 for 40 mins. Top with grated cheese. You look impressive and it’s yummy. Also my oven automatically goes to 350 so 90% of my cooking is done on that temp ! I can’t be the only one.

Once I asked my parents to buy a few peppers because the plan was to make this for supper. They spent 15 mins choosing peppers based on there ability to stand upright.  One lady was staring at them and my dad said it’s how you knew they were fresh. So she sat there balancing peppers with them.  I remember being in trouble when I sliced them in half.


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